Inside Out Fit does not only offer physical and mental guidance to individuals but we also offer teambuilding sessions for sport and company teams. The aim of these sessions is to boost the team performance by using the talents of every individual in an optimal manner. You decide what you want to work on but options are:
– Getting to know each other and getting insight into teamroles
– Improving the communication amongst team members
– Learning about leadership and boosting your leadership skills
– Learning to perform under pressure
– Improving the self-confidence of the group
– Working on setting clear goals as a team
– Knowing where your values are as a team

A teambuilding session will always start with an intake so that we have a clear view of the team and the issues that you encounter at the moment. There is also an option to do sport-psychological tests to get even more insight on the team’s performance. Based on the intake information and optional tests we can design the session so that it fits the needs of your team. Do you want to boost your team’s performance, contact us now for more information!