Do you feel like your energy reserve is running low but are you lying awake at night? Do you notice that you are slowly losing your sense of enjoyment and do you feel like you are becoming another person? You know that you cannot continue much longer but are uncertain about what you can do to get the grip back on your life?

We designed a special program for people that are close to a burn-out or in the middle of a burn-out. The goal of the program is to boost your energy levels to an optimal level, to improve your physical and mental fitness and to regain the control over your body and mind.

In an eight week program you will work together as a group to work on your physical fitness while you will get home assignments to work on your mental fitness. Every week we we will work on a diffrent thema such as tension regulation, self-confidence, energy management, learning to prioritize, thought control and relapse prevention. You are not doing it alone, because you will be working in a group so that you can help and support each other where needed. The whole process will be guided by a sports psychologist who will pay attention to your individual process. On top of the program, you will receive two mental one-on-one sessions to answer any questions you might have and give you some extra guidance along the way. This is your chance to gain control over your body and mind again and re-create the ideal version of you!

Do you want more information or would you like to sign-up for the program? Contact us than here with as subject mastering burnout.