Personal Mental Training

Are you physically fit but do you run into mental barriers which stand in the way of your optimal performance? Inside Out Fit can help you to reconnect the body and the mind so that your ideal performance can be achieved.

The mental guidance is perfect for for example amateur and elite athletes, but also business men or entrepreneurs. We will start with a mental analysis to see where your strengths and weaknesses are and we will do an extensive intake to get an image of your history. Then we decide together on an achievable goal and choose the building blocks which will help you towards your goal. In ten one hour sessions we will use mental skills training (eg imagery, goal setting, thought control, tension regulation) and conversations to work on your mental fitness in a practical and science-based manner. At the end we will evaluate and reflect on the successes achieved until then and look at which steps might be needed in order to maintain your optimal performance over time.

A number of goals which we can help you with are:
– Learning to perform under pressure
– Maintaining focus during important moments
– Increasing your self-confidence in sports or at work
– Learning to regulate stress and tension
– Boosting your motivation
– Dealing with adversities
– Communicating your needs to the people around you
– Dealing with fears that you run into in sports or at work

During the mental training sessions at Inside Out Fit you can work on achieving these goals while our coach will assist you to reach for your best. Are you ready to perform at your ultimate best by being physically and mentally strong?

Contact us quickly for a free intake, because we only have a few places available.