Our team

Roos Malmberg – Founder and physical/mental trainer
I am Roos Malmberg and have been in love of movement ever since I was in my mom’s belly. At a young age I started playing many sports among which tennis, hockey and surfing. All my free-time I spent on the tennis court to improve my skills, but soon enough I discovered that not only the body could influence performance. My shoulder started dislocating and before I knew it I was in a decade-long revalidation process where I ran into both physical and mental barriers. I wanted to understand more about how the human body worked and started my university degree in the movement sciences. After this degree I knew all about the human body but nevertheless the injury was still there. Then I discovered the trick was not in the body but in the mind because fear caused my shoulder to constantly have muscle tension so that it could not recover. At that point I wanted to learn more about the influence of the mind on performance and started a post-master in Sports Psychology.

During my studies I spent a lot of time working in the gym helping people to achieve their physical goals. I also started assisting athletes who were running into mental barriers in their sport. Soon I discovered that physical and mental training could not be seperated and that only by targeting both the body and mind results could be maintained on the long-term. That is when I started offering physical and mental combinations at Inside Out Fit.

The last few years I have helped a lot of different people, from young girls who were insecure about their bodies to older people that wanted to feel more vita land alive, from surfers that had a fear of high waves to runners who had too much tension in their bodies to perform well. I believe my empathy, enthousiasm and practical knowledge have helped me to turn the dreams of many people into a reality. I intuitively feel where your barriers are and how I can best assist you to becoming the best version of yourself. I am very excited to share my passion for the body and mind with you and helping you to become a more energetic and happier version of you, inside and out!