Our vision

The body achieves what the mind believes

We consider it very important to be physically and mentally fit. In order to achieve this we work hard to get the body of our dreams and we are constantly looking for ways to find peace in our minds.

Imagine you get to build your ideal house. You want a house consisting of two floors and you work hard to get the two floors just the way you like them. There seems to be nothing standing in the way of your perfect house, except when you discover that you forgot to build the stairs! This house represents your ideal self. The first floor stands for your body and the second floor for your mind. It does not matter how perfect both floors are, but only if you connect the two floors you can connect body and mind to express your ideal self.

Inside Out Fit helps you to re-connect body and mind by means of a unique combination of physical and mental training so that both body and mind will be strong together. With you we look at the best way to build the stairs and re-connect body and mind so that you can express your ideal self again.