Our vision

The name says it all: Inside Out Fit. Our vision is that you do not become fit just by joining a gym and doing some simple exercises. Nor will you get healthier by starting with another diet at the beginning of a new year. And even having a strong belief that you can do it is not enough. Although all three things can help you improve your fitness level for a temporary period of time. Being fit for a long time requires more than that!

Inside Out Fit combines personal training, nutritional guidance and sports psychological training in order to not only achieve but also maintain physical changes on the long-term. Rather than taking an outside-in approach like most personal trainers do and focusing on quickly achieving the physical aims of the clients, Inside Out Fit starts at the core of the problem, namely the mindset of the individuals. We take an inside-out approach whereby we take the inner strength of the client as a starting point in order to achieve and maintain physical changes.

Inside Out Fit can help you change your lifestyle for good and can make you fitter for life instead of fitter for a single day. Together with you we will choose the right combination of  smart and goal-oriented exercise, a balanced nutrition program and sports psychological training in order to achieve the body you desire. Our fitness coaches are very experienced and certified trainers, who have flexible schedules and are fluent in English, Dutch and Spanish. Take the first step towards a better lifestyle today and get in touch for a free intake.