Personal Training

Exercise is one of the most important components which can help you make a change in lifestyle. When you decide to start personal training with us, we will first sit down with you for an intake so that we know precisely what your background is, what kind of injuries you suffer from and what your training goals are. At this first meeting we will also analyze your current fitness level by doing a number of tests and checking for example your fat percentage and overall body mass. Based on all this information, we will then create a realistic and smart short-term and long-term goal which we can train for.

Inside Out Fit can help you achieve any of the following goals:

  • Lose weight
  • Gain muscle mass
  • Get a more toned body
  • Strengthen your core muscles
  • Achieve the right posture
  • A sport-specific goal such as getting quicker on the soccer field or developing a stronger swimming stroke

During the personal training sessions with Inside Out Fit, you can work on achieving these goals while our fitness coach ensures that you perform the exercises correctly and keeps you motivated throughout the entire session so that you can push yourself to the limit. Ready to take the first step? Be quick because we have only a few places left! Contact us for a free intake or try-out session.

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