Inside Out Fit offers a program, together with Dieticianpractice DDietist whereby you will receive intensive nutritional and sport coaching during a period of eight weeks. In these eight weeks you will be learning what kind of food is good for your body as well as how you can best use sport as a tool to get fit. With this combination results will not stay away any longer.

We offer two packages:

  • The basic package:
    • Body analysis
    • Nutritional analysis
    • Fitness test and posture analysis
    • An evaluation of the food diary you filled in before the session
    • Extensive nutritional advice and sport advice
    • Four consults with the dietician to talk about progress and problems
    • Weekly personal training sessions with Inside Out Fit
  • The extended package
    • All of the above
    • A personalized food plan for the period of eight weeks

Would you like more information or do you want to join the program, contact us!