On this page you can find a number of testimonials of clients and former clients of Inside Out Fit.

What others say about personal training at Inside Out Fit:

Working out under the enthousiastic guidance of Roos Malmberg (Personal Trainer at Inside Out Fit) is nothing less than a party. Roos listens carefully to the wishes of the customer and responds to this with her training schedules. During the training she motivates you to make the most of yourself. All of this, together with her eye for detail, she will help you to achieve your goals. – Steijn

Roos is by far the most inspirational, enthusiastic personal trainer I have ever worked with. Her knowledge of the human body and nutrition make her a perfect training partner. She constantly adjusts the training schedule to suit your needs and help you achieve your goals. Roos’ patience, encouragement and positive motivational comments helped me to realize results. I highly recommend Roos to anyone, no matter what your individual goals may be. – Carina

Roos is an extremely personable, dedicated and professional personal trainer. She tailors her approach to your needs and comes up with fun but intense work-outs that will help you achieve your goals!- Jonathan

I have been training with Roos for half a year now. Before that I had been trying to lose weight in several ways, but it was only when I started training at Inside Out Fit that I saw my body visibly change. No session is the same and she really allows me to reach my maximal potential. After every training I feel with really satisfied and tired (in a good way). I am really happy with her. – Sara

Roos continuously structured and provided enthousiastic guidance to my personal training sessions. Next to enhancing my perseverence by being strict at the right moments, she was also able to provide clear explanations of why we were doing certain parts of the training. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to start working out seriously, who wants to really make progress and reach bodily changes. – Anne-Sophie

I loved the attention and dedication of Roos during my injury. First I was hardly able to move, but thanks to the tips and advice of Roos I was able to continue working out and my knee could move freely again. – Franske.

Roos is the perfect combination of warm and tough. Not only did I build muscle and tone my body, but I gained so much self-esteem. Personal training with Roos is one of the best investments I have ever made. – Vera

What others say about sports psychology at Inside Out Fit:

I felt extremely comfortable during the sessions. Roos really looked at things from my perspective and has allowed me to discover things I would otherwise not have discovered. Her psychological advice was very effective and after only three sessions I started playing my sports without worries and with renewed energy and enjoyment. – Thomas