At this page you can find testimonials of clients and former clients of Inside Out Fit.

What others say about physical training at Inside Out Fit:

I’m working out together with Roos for 9 months now. During this time, I have lost almost 20 kg, gained more confidence about my body and successfully run a half-marathon. None of this I could have done without Roos – besides providing nutritional guidance and consistently refining and adjusting my training to help me achieve my goals, Roos enthusiasm has helped me believe in myself and to want to get stronger, while thoroughly enjoying our sessions. – Kathi

I’ve been training with Roos for over year now and I can validate 100% that she takes an inside-out approach and it is effective. When I first began our sessions, I had recently moved to Amsterdam with my husband and was struggling to stay motivated. I missed my home country and also the trainer and gym where I had first started to work out and became fit. After only a few times with Roos I felt very energized again and looked forward to every session. Many times I have felt that she was by my side as a friend and feel very lucky to have her. I like that she pushes me but also always weighs the situation and the mental state I am in in order to adjusts her coaching style accordingly, always aiming to get maximum results and a balance of physical and mental strength. She also guided me through my pregnancy and helped me continue to work out up to almost my 8th month, which really helped me and my body, while I believe that it also played a key role in a quick delivery as well! Now that I am a new mom, we are on a journey to gain back my fitness levels and I appreciate her flexibility and versatility even more. She is also always up for a challenge! I am confident that we will get to results and will enjoy it along the way! I definitely recommend Roos and look forward to today’s session! – Sorel

When I started to work with Roos I could hardly walk because of problems with my knees. I am 63 years old and wondered if I would ever jump again. Roos taught me step by step to strengthen my muscles, overcome by fears and this way I am able to move and use the different parts of my body. She is always optimistic and confident I can succeed and reach the next level. Nowadays I am walking, moving and look forward to each meeting. – Tineke

I really enjoy working with Roos as my personal trainer. I normally dislike going to the gym and it is a real effort for me. But with Roos I actually look forward to the work out. She does not just train the body, but also the mind which is a huge help. I have had other trainers before and I never really stuck to my goals like I have with Roos. – Carla

Training under the enthousiastic guidance of Inside Out Fit is always a blast. Roos listens well tot he needs of the customer and adjusts her schedules accordingly. During the training she motivates you to push yourself. With her eye for detail she will help you towards great results. – Steijn

Roos is the most inspiring and enthousiastic trainer that I ever worked with. Her knowledge of the human body and nutrition make her a great trainer. Roos constantly adjusts the training to your needs and can help you achieve your goals. Her patience, drive and positive feedback have helped me to achieve my goal. I recommend training with Inside Out Fit to everyone, independent of the goal you want to achieve. – Carina

Roos is an amazingly personal, dedicated and professional personal trainer. She will make sure that her approach fits with your needs and will always think of a fun but intense workout that contributes to achieving your goal. – Jonathan.

I have been training with Roos for half a year now. I had been busy with a few diets without any success but once I started training with Roos I visibly saw my body change. No training is the same and she pushes me to my best performance. During the training she will show the exercises as many times as needed. Every time I come home with great satisfaction and a feeling that I have done something great. I am really happy with her. – Sara

Roos has guided me in a very enthousiastic and structured manner. Next to pushing my perseverence by being strict at the right moment, she also ensured that I understood why we were doing certain exercises. I recommend her to anyone who wants to pick up sports seriously and enthousiastically and who wants to persevere and progress. – Anne-Sophie.

I loved the dedication and attention of Roos during my injury. At first I could barely walk due to a knee problem, but thanks to the tips and advice of Roos I was manage to pick up everything again. – Franske.

Roos is the perfect combination between warm and intense. Not only have I become fitter and more toned, I have also increased my self-confidence. Personal training with Roos is one of the best investments I have ever made! – Vera

Roos is my first introduction to a personal trainer and I do not regret it. From the first moment I noticed that Roos has a lot of knowledge and is very professional. The training sessions have sufficient variety so that it never gets boring. She stimulates you to get out of your comfort zone in a step by step manner. This allowed me to see very quick progress. While pushing you to improve your capabilities, she does not lose sight of the technique so the risk of injury is greatly decreased. I really like that Roos does not only pay attention to physical progress but also keeps interest in your mental condition. My self-confidence has grown and not only within the gym. Thank you. – Thekla.

What others say about mental training at Inside Out Fit:

I felt really at easy during the mental training sessions. Roos can easily empathize with my situations and has allowed me to see a number of blind spots that I would have missed otherwise. Her help was very effective and she has shown me how I can be on top of my mental game in the water. This way I can play sports care-free again and with more pleasure than ever. – TH waterpolo player

Roos has helped me to improve my focus during competition. She has taught me how concentration works and gave me many practical tips which I could directly use on the field. Next to that she has taught me how important relaxation is when you want to improve your focus. Roos has a lot of patience and great empathy. She explains everything in a down to earth and clear manner. I really enjoyed working with her. – MV, volleybal player

Roos has guided me to a more positive mindset during running. Because of the sessions I look completely different to my running game and I have improved my trust in my training sessions. My running has become smoother and I feel a lot less tense in my body during running now. – GB, runner

I was constantly pushing myself down during soccer and did not allow myself to make mistakes. During theoretical and practical sessions I learned to enjoy soccer again. Funnily enough this has helped me to play better as well, because I can let go of the results now and have more resilience on the field. KK, soccer player

After I found myself crying during another surf session, I decided to start with sports psychological training so that I could get rid of my fear of high waves which had been standing in the way of my progress as a surfer. During ten weeks Roos has helped me to gain insight into my personality and shown me which of my talents I can use during my sport. We analyzed my fears and relived them with many different techniques. Roos has helped me to make a game plan with visualisations and breathing techniques which allowed me to recognize my fear but also observe it from a distance instead of being dragged into it, a great feeling! – NL, surfer